Beach Sweep 2015

September Adopt-a-Beach™ Event

Take Part in the World’s Largest Shoreline Cleanup

The Alliance for the Great lakes is excited to be in Duluth to coordinate the 2015 September Adopt-a-Beach™ for the 3rd year in Minnesota. Part of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup, and formerly known as Beach Sweep we were invited in 2013 by the Great Lakes Aquarium to coordinate the event. 

What: Beach and shoreline cleanups involving thousands of volunteers to remove trash and collect data on their findings. The annual September Adopt-a-Beach™ Event is part of the International Coastal Cleanup.

When: Sept. 26, 2015 – 9 a.m. to noon (Dates and times may vary by location.)

Where: Beaches and shorelines along Great Lakes coastal areas.

How: To find out more contact Anna White, Minnesota Adopt-a-Beach™ Affiliate at or 218-740-2070.

Who: You! Cleanup volunteers are individuals, families, schools, community, scouting and religious groups.

Why: Have fun giving back to the places you care about. The Great Lakes shoreline and beaches are right in our back yards. The information gathered is used to make positive changes for our Great Lakes.

Volunteer the day of the event: Sign up for a designated location of your choice and come for a few hours of fun and community involvement.

Be a lead volunteer: Play a lead role in the cleanup by coordinating a cleanup in your area.

History of Beach Sweep with Great Lakes Aquarium

For 16 years, Great Lakes Aquarium has served as state coordinator for Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), known locally as Minnesota Beach Sweep. We are honored to have worked with so many of you to gather data and debris from local waterways. Whether you have participated for a year or more than a decade, you have made a positive difference in our community. Thank you.

In 2013, we were delighted to welcome the Alliance for the Great Lakes as the new coordinator of Minnesota Beach Sweep. The Alliance for the Great Lakes has an outstanding track record in coordinating cleanup and beach monitoring programs throughout the Great Lakes region. In addition to engaging thousands of volunteers annually in their year-round Adopt-a-Beach™ program on all five Great Lakes, the Alliance is the state coordinator for the annual ICC event in IL, IN, MI and WI. The role of state coordinator for Minnesota is a natural fit for their organization, and the transition enables the Aquarium to focus more energy and resources on our growing community outreach and education programs.

The Aquarium serves as home base for an Alliance staff member to coordinate what will be known from now on as the Minnesota September Adopt-a-Beach™ Event.

Curriculum related to marine debris:

Cooperative Clean-up kit for grades 3-5 available for lend free of charge from Great Lakes Aquarium. Call 218-740-2027 to find out more.

Center for microbial oceanography: research and information: Lesson plans, powerpoint presentations, activities and kits.

NOAA Marine Debris Program: Fact sheets, posters, activity sheets and links to other resources for all ages.

Video produced by Heal the Bay at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium