Day Camp

2014 Summer Day Camps

Thank you for your interest in summer day camps at the Great Lakes Aquarium.  Our summer camp programs offer age-appropriate opportunities for children between the ages of 6 and 14 interested in animal care, SCUBA, or learning about our great lake!  Registration for the 2014 summer camp season begins on March 15.  See the list of great opportunities below!   


Superior Explorers

Discover Lake Superior in a fun-filled week of examining the animals, plants, and geology around this great lake!  Each day we’ll explore new topics by playing games, meeting animals, and making themed art.  Campers will enjoy unique, behind-the-scenes experiences at the aquarium while they learn.

Dates: July 7th-11th


Cost:     $139 members / $159 non-members

Ages: 6-8

Animal Care Camp

Take an active role in animal care at Great Lakes Aquarium.  Learn what it takes to keep our resident animals healthy, happy, and active.  Enjoy the challenge of creating enrichment toys for otters, birds and even pets at home.  Go behind the scenes to prepare meals, keep the exhibits clean, test the water quality and more!

Dates: July 28th-August 1st


Cost: $139 members / $159 non-members

Ages: 8-11


What happens to your body when it is under the water?  What kinds of things can you see?  How does SCUBA gear work? Dive into the World of SCUBA to find out!  Explore techniques, gear, and diving safety with a PADI certified dive master.  Use all of your new diving skills at a warm open water dive on the last day of camp!

Dates: August 11th-15th


Cost: $199 members / $219 non-members

Ages: 11-14

Registration for the 2014 summer camp season begins on March 15.  
For more information and to register, please contact Emily Wartman at 218-740-2000 or