Field Trip + Class

ClassGrade LevelDurationAvailable as Outreach?MN Science Standards Addressed
Snouty Seahorses
Head, cornet, eyes and snout...eyes and snout. What is it like to be a seahorse? What do they eat? How do they move? Join us to learn more about the unique lives of seahorses through music, movement, literature, hands-on activities and art.
Pre-K - 21 Hour ClassYes0.,
Creature Feature
Which animals call the Great Lakes home? Students will investigate the five major groups of vertebrates, the special features they have in common and what makes them different. Watch excitement build as students come face to face with one of our resident reptiles! *Lesson activities are age appropriate, and change based on the grade level of students.
Pre-K - 51 Hour ClassYes0.,,,,,,
Fantastic Frogs
Hop, Jump, Plop! Frogs are fantastic with their slimy skin and watery ways. Learn to sing like a frog, practice your jumping, and learn about their special changing life.
K - 21 Hour ClassYes0.,,,,,,
Harbor Happenings
Sailboats, tug boats and ore boats travel under the lifting bridge. Discover life on a busy harbor: knot tying, bridge designing, lighthouse signals and more! Set sail on the USS GLA for a fun-filled hour where your students are the crew.
K - 51 Hour ClassNo1.,,,,
Water on the Move
Where does the water go? Students will become a drop of water and travel through the water cycle on an amazing journey. Learn more about the ways that we use, enjoy and protect water resources in the Great Lakes region.
3 - 51 Hour ClassYes2.,,,,
Water Olympics
How many drops of water can you fit on a penny? This student directed exploration of water includes hands-on experiments that delve into the properties of water such as adhesion, cohesion, and surface tension.
3 - 81 Hour ClassYes3.,,,,
Habitat Tracker
The Lake Superior watershed is home to an amazing diversity of animals and habitat types. Students will practice their tracking skills while observing the behavior, habitat and physiology of fish native to the St. Louis and Baptism Rivers. Students will then compare these unique local habitats and the fish that call them home.
3 - 81 Hour ClassNo3.,,,,,
Stories in Stone
If you know what to listen and look for, rocks can tell all kinds of stories. What are they made of and how did they form? How can you tell them apart? Students will learn to identify local rock samples from the shores of Lake Superior and rock out in our “geo-theater”.
3 - 121 Hour ClassYes4.,,,,
Lake Lab - Ecology
Discover adaptations and migrations that enable life in Lake Superior to thrive. On a quest for a glimpse at life in the lake, students will take on the roles of the biotic life in our production of: A Harbor Ecosystem. Students will then collect and analyze live plankton samples from the St. Louis River. (Activities will be adapted during the winter.)
3 - 121 Hour ClassYes6.,,,,,,,,,
Lake Lab - Limnology
Students will explore properties required to sustain life in Lake Superior while connecting dots between the physical, chemical and biological lake. The lake comes to life as students conduct experiments on lake turnover, build models of human influences on trophic states, and become living members of the lake in a theatrical production of nutrient cycling during diurnal migration.
3 - 121 Hour ClassNo3.,,,,,,,,,,
Behind the Scenes Tour
What keeps Great Lakes Aquarium fish tanks looking so clean? How do we feed all these animals? Follow a drop of water through the Aquarium life-support system to understand the process of keeping the 103,000 gallons of water clean. Visit the kitchen where otter and fish food is prepared as well as our animal hospital. Note: Because of the limited access to non-public areas, this class has size and scheduling restrictions.
3 - 121 Hour ClassNo6.,,,
Geology Field Class
Lake Superior has a dramatic geologic history all right here at the surface at Duluth’s Brighton Beach. Students will learn to spot and sort rocks by type, then find evidence of each stage in the region’s earth history right there in the rocks! From ancient mountain ranges to sheets of ice, the story is all there if students just learn how to look. Come explore these stories of fire and ice on the shore of Lake Superior! This class can be taught at Brighton Beach or Enger Park.
3 -122 Hour Field ClassNo8.,,,,