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On the Brink: The Great Lakes in the 21st CenturyDempsey, Daveenvironmental issues, human impact, ecosystem, history, culture, Great lakesAdultBook
Mystery on the Great LakesMarsh, Carolefiction, Great Lakes3-6Book
Minnesota’s Iron Country: Rich Ore, Rich LivesLamppa, Marvin G. natural resource, iron, mining, history, culture9-AdultBook
Living Great Lakes: Searching for the heart of the Inland SeasDennis, Jerry history, Great Lakes, geology, industry, story, culture, memoir, philosophyAdultBook
Kingdom Classification: Protozoans, Algae, and Other ProtistsParker, Steve plankton, food chain6-AdultBook
Kids’ Guide to Climage Change and Global WarmingKaye M.A., Cathryn Berget climate change, service projects3-12Book
How We Know What We Know About Our Changing ClimateCherry, Lynne and Gary Braaschclimate change, student reader6-9Book
How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate - Teachers GuideMalnor, Carolclimate change, lesson plans6-9Curriculum
Harvey, the Great Lakes WhaleNelson, William George, Stacey Willey, and Emily Mauchmarfiction, shipping, fish, shipwrecks3-6Book
Guide to Common Freshwater Inverts of North AmericaVoshell Jr., J. Reese and Amy Bartlett Wright macroinvertabrates, field guide8-AdultBook
Great Lakes: the Natural History of a Changing RegionGrady, Wayne and Emily Damstrahistory, geology, ecology AdultBook
The Great Lakes (Rookie Read – About Geography)Valzania, Kimberly geography, habitats, water1-4Book
The Great Lakes (Lightning Bolt Books: Famous Places)Piehl, Janetfreshwater, geography, human impact5-8Book
Forestry Field: A Manual for Science TeachersGlenn, David and Donald D. Dickmantrees, forestry, field guideAdultBook
Fishes of the Great Lakes RegionHubbs, Carl L., Karl F. Lagler, and Gerald Ray Smithfish, field guide, ecology8-AdultBook
The Day the Great Lakes Drained AwayBarker, Charles Ferguson picture book , geologyp-AdultBook
The Copper Princess: A Story of Lake Superior MinesMunroe, Kirk mining, shipping, history 9-AdultBook
Climate Crisis: An Introductory Guide to Climate ChangeArcher, David and Stefan Rahmstorfclimate change, human impactAdultBook
Clean Water, 2nd Edition: Intro to Water QualityVigil, Kenneth M. water issues, pollution, water quality, human impactAdultBook
Amazing Agates: Lakes Superior’s Banded GemstoneWolter, Scott F. geology, rocks, agates3-AdultBook
Agates of Lake Superior: Stunning Varieties and How They Are FormedLynch, Bob and Dan R. Lynchgeology, rocks, agates6-AdultBook
So Terrible a Storm – A Tale of Fury on Lake SuperiorBrown, Curt historyAdultBook
Talking Rocks: Geology and 10,000 Years of Native American Tradition in the Lake Superior RegionMorton, Ron and Carl Gawboygeology, cultural history, Native American AdultBook
What are Wetlands? (Science of Living Things) Kalman, Bobbie and Amanda Bishopwetlands, habitat2-6Book
Tale of a Great White Fishde Vries, Maggie and Renne Benoitsturgeon, picture book, history, biologyK-AdultBook
Water Pollution (True Books: Enviroment)Donald, Rhonda Lucaswater pollution, water issues3-6Book
The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-UpsIngoglia, Gina forestry, treesK-AdultBook
Wetlands (About Habitats)Sill, Cathryn and John Sillwetlands, habitatK-5Book
Paddle to the SeaHolling, Holling C. geography, history, Native American3-AdultBook
The Philosopher FishCarey, Richard Adams sturgeon, population, caviar, human impactAdultBook
Trout: An Illustrated HistoryProsek, James trout, fish8-AdultBook
National Geographic's Birds of North America, 3rd EditionDunn, Jon L. and Jonathan Alderferbirds, field guide6-AdultBook
Plastic: A Toxic Love StoryFreinkel, Susan plastic, pollution, water issues, human impactAdultBook
The Great Lakes Water WarsAnnin, Peter water issues, freshwaterAdultBook
Water (Eyewitness Books)Woodward, John water2-AdultBook
Cuttlefish: Kings of CamouflageNOVAcuttlefish, adaptations, camouflage3-AdultDVD
What Makes a Fish a FishCrawley, Annie ocean, fishK-AdultDVD
The Way Cool Game of Science - Earth Structure and ProcessesNye, Bill and Disney Educational Productionsatmostphere, climates, earthquakes, erosion, rocks, soil, interactive4-8DVD
The Way Cool Game of Science - Population and EcosystemsNye, Bill and Disney Educational Productionspopulations, ecoystems, interactive4-8DVD
The Way Cool Game of Science - Diversity and AdaptationBill Nye and Disney Educational Productionsdiversity, adaptation, interactive4-8DVD
Folks Songs of the Great Lakes RegionMurdock, Lee culture, history, musicK-AdultCassette Tape
No image available. Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes - Curriculum Guide, 2005, 2nd Edition, K-5The Nature Conservancy, Gulf Coastprairies, marshes, curriculumAdultBook - Curriculum, K-5
The Great Lakes Faunal Atlas: Amphibians, Reptiles, and Mammals of the Great Lakes, Part IIHerbert, P.D.N.amphibeans, reptiles, mammals, interactive5-AdultCD - Interactive
The Great Lakes Faunal Atlas: Birds of the Great LakesHerbert, P.D.N.birds, adaptations, interactive5-AdultCD - Interactive
Mission: Acid RainHincks, S. and J. Wearing-Wildeinteractive, acid rain, human impact, ecosystem7-AdultCD - Interactive
Great Lakes Explorer: Biodiversity Barker, D.M. and S. Hincksbiodiversity, ecosystem, habitat, pollution, human impact, fish6-AdultCD - Interactive
Introduction to Aquatic EnvironmentsHerbert, P.D.N.rivers, lakes, food web, biology, fish, biodiversity8-AdultCD
Aquaculture Interactive: A Digital Aquaculture TextbookMasterson, James W., Ph.D.interactive, aquaculture, history, culture, water quality, environmental issues9-AdultCD - Interactive
Wetlands of the ArrowheadUniversity of Minnesota Sea Grant and the Arrowhead Water Quality Teamwetlands, water quality, images, powerpoint3-AdultCD
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Watch UW-Extension's "A String of Pearls"
A String of Pearls: Wisconsin's Estuaries Along Lake SuperiorUniversity of Wisconsin - Extensionesturary, culture, history, geogrpahy, freshwater6-AdultDVD
A Tribute to the Great LakesFortner, Rosanne with Pat Dailey, Lee Murdock, and Alex Bevanhistory, culture, musicK-AdultCD
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The Habitable Planet, Lesson 1.2
The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science, Lesson 1.2Annenberg Mediaclimate change, carbon, glaciers, ice core, ecosystemAdultCD - Curriculum, 9-12
Lake Effects CurriculumGreat Lakes Aquariumfreshwater, lakes, streams, ecosystems, fishAdultCD - Curriculum, K-8 or print form
No image available. 2009 Year of Science: NOAA Education SamplerNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)oceans, coasts, atmosphere, climate, scienceAdultCD - Curriculum, 3-12
No image available. Greatest of the Great Lakes - A Medley of Model LessonsIllinois-Indiana Sea Grant and the COSEE Great Lakes Curriculum Committeehabitat, water quality, weather, climate, ecology, estuary, invasive species, human impactAdultCD - Curriculum, 4-10
Minnesota's Changing Climate Curriculum - Grades 3-8Will Steger Foundationcurriculum, climate change, biomes, data, graphing3-8Curriculum
Minnesota's Changing Climate Curriculum - Grades 9-12Will Steger Foundationcurriculum, climate change, biomes, data, graphing9-12Curriculum
Changing Climate - Great Lakes CurriculumOhio Sea Grantcurriculum, climate change, Great Lakes 5-8Curriculum
The Wisconsin Climate Change Activity GuideWisconsin DNRcurriculum, climate change, Wisconsin7-12Curriculum
No image available for SPECIES curriculum, but click here to see their website.SPECIES - Climate Change and Impacts on EcosystemsCenter for Essential Sciencecurriculum, climate change, ecosystemsK-12Curriculum
Climate Change Awareness and Action CurriculumShayna Sellars with Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, Protect Our Winters, and Save the Polescurriculum, climate change, hands-on activities5-6Curriculum
Lake Superior Agates: Field GuideLynch, Dan R. and Bob Lynchagates, field guide, Lake Superior6-AdultBook
Year of the Fires: The Story of the Great Fires of 1910Pyne, Stephen J. Northern Rockies, wildfires, firefighting AdultBook
The Seven States of MinnesotaToren, Johncultural history, natural history, Minnesota, geography, maps9-AdultBook
Minnesota's Outdoor WondersGilbert, Jimphenology, natural history, photos, Minnesota6-AdultBook
Superior SeasonsPerich, Shawnstories, Lake Superior's North Shore9-AdultBook
Roadside Geology of MinnesotaOjakangas, Richard W. geology, Minnesota9-AdultBook
Tales of the Road: Highway 61Wurzer, Cathy and Palisade Productions, LLCHighway 61, stories, Minnesota9-AdultDVD