Teaching Kits

The Resource Library at Great Lakes Aquarium houses teaching kits ready to use in your classroom.  To see if a kit is available or to set up a visit to the Resource Library, contact Samantha Smingler, ssmingler@glaquarium.org or 218-740-2027.

The Teacher Resource Library also houses MinnAqua Teaching Kits.  Click here to see the MinnAqua kits.

Image of Teaching Kit
Title and PDF of Lesson
Curriculum and/or kit adapted and/or created for:
River Rangers: Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment Lesson Plan (The Waterdrop Activity)4-8water, wastewater, pollution, water treatmentScience Institute 2012-2013
A Phenological Phenomenon Lesson Plan5-9lake stratification, phenology, graphingScience Institute 2012-2013
Nitrogen Cycle Game Lesson Plan5-9nutrients, cycles, nutrient cycles, nitrogen, ecosystem Science Institute 2012-2013
It's a Ruffe Life Lesson Plan4-8invasive species, carrying capacity, human impact, ecosystemScience Institute 2012-2013
Lake Superior: Who lives there and what do they eat?3-5fish identification, food chain, food web, ecosystem, Lake Superior,
producers, consumers, decomposers
Science Institute 2012-2013
A Meandering Story Lesson Plan4-8streams, channel, water, velocity, sediment, erosion, deposition,
meander, dam, channelization
Science Institute 2012-2013
A Very Impervious Situation Lesson Plan5-9; modifications for younger and olderwatershed, stormwater, storm sewer, impervious surfaces, area, volume Enviroscape
A Superior Connection Lesson Plan3-8Lake Superior food web, vertical fish migration, adaptationsPartners in Education Program
Fantastic Fishes Lesson Plan3-8adaptations, Minnesota fish, predator/preyPartners in Education Program
Forestry Management Lesson Plan5-12forestry management, trees, planning, human impactScience Institute 2011
Stories in Stone Lesson Plan4-8Lake Superior, geology, natural history, rock cycle, glaciers, agates, timelinePartners in Education Program
Lake Superior Rocks Lesson Plan5-12geology, natural history, rocks, rock cycles, agates, Lake Superior, glaciersScience Institute 2011
Decoding Diatoms Lesson Plan
1. Decoding Diatoms Worksheet
2. Plankton Identification Sheets
3. Plankton ID Cards
5-12freshwater microorganisms, diatoms, history, ecosystemScience Institute 2011