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Science Institute for Educators 2012-2013:
The Story After the Storm

Brought to you by Great Lakes Aquarium, Minnesota DNR MinnAqua Program, Minnesota Sea Grant, and Wolf Ridge ELC. This project is funded in part by the Coastal Zone Management Act, by NOAA’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, in conjunction with Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program.

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To view videos of the scientist presentations, visit Sea Grant’s website here.

Workshop 1 – Chris Kleist, City of Duluth Stormwater Program Coordinator – Damages and Repairs to Duluth’s Stormwater Infrastructure: The City’s Perspective

Workshop 2 – John Lindgren, Fisheries Specialist, MN DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife – Sediment in the St. Louis Estuary. Too Much…or Not Enough?

Workshop 3 – Don Schreiner, Lake Superior Fisheries Supervisor, MN DNR – Status of Lake Superior Fishery in Minnesota

Workshop 4 – Joshua Schloesser – Early Detection of Invasive Species in Lake Superior

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Workshop 5 – Chip Small and Brandy Forsman – Post-Flood Nutrients in Lake Superior and the St. Louis River Estuary

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Workshop 6 – Dr. Liz Minor – Changing Phenology of Lake Superior

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Workshop 7 - Dan Miller – A Weather Perspective on the Flood

Workshop 8 – Hilarie Sorenson – Adaptations to Climate Change