Otter Cove

The Great Lakes Aquarium’s Otter Cove is modeled after a place where otters live in the wild – the real Otter Cove found on the Eastern shore of Lake Superior in Canada’s Pukaskwa Provincial Park.

Our exhibit is home to a North American river otter named Anang. She was orphaned when too young to survive in the wild on their own. Due to the human contact required to care for her while young, and her lack of the necessary “otter skills”, this otter will remain permanent residents of Great Lakes Aquarium. During your visit, you may see this playful otter belly flopping off the rocks, swimming, or hunting and eating her afternoon snack. These behaviors, while fun, are actually needed to sharpen reflexes and improve hunting abilities.

Species You’ll See:

River Otter

River Otter
One of our most popular species