St. Louis River

The St. Louis River is the largest river flowing into Lake Superior. Home to sturgeon, northern pike, bass, longnose gar and a variety of other fish species it is a popular angling location. Clay banks, forest habitat and wetlands line the river and provide shelter for a variety of birds and terrestrial animals.

The slow flowing St. Louis River provides a contrast to the fast moving Baptism River. Typical of a south shore river, it is warmer and more alkaline than the north shore streams. If you were to paddle its length, you would find slow moving waters that are interspersed with class I-III rapids. In human history, the St. Louis River has been used heavily for transportation, power generation, and recreation.

Species You’ll See:

The state fish of Minnesota

Lake SturgeonLake Sturgeon
Longest living fish in the Great Lakes

Can reach over 4 feet in length

Longnose Gar
Long narrow snout lined with sharp teeth

Smallmouth Bass
Male small mouth bass guard their nest
For maps and more information about the St. Louis River visit the Minnesota DNR.