Lake Sturgeon

Lake SturgeonAcipenser fulvescens

Physical features:
Large gray fish with ridges (scutes) in rows along the length of body. A set of four barbels or whiskers hangs from under the snout. Mouth located on underside of the head. Fin structure is similar to that of sharks particularly the caudal or tail fin.

Lives along the bottom of cold waters of Lake Superior and warmer inland lakes and rivers. Due to size, this fish generally needs fairly open spaces.

Fish and benthic aquatic invertebrates

Fun facts:
Lake Sturgeon are the largest and longest living fish in the Great Lakes. In the cold waters of Lake Superior this fish may live 80-100 years and grow to five or more feet in length. Enthusiastically harvested for their eggs (caviar), oils and meat in the last century, Lake Sturgeon are now protected in Lake Superior. Sturgeon reach maturity in their late teens-twenties and populations benefit from angling restrictions. Fishing seasons remain open for sturgeon in warmer inland rivers and lakes.