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Critter Corner

Critter Corner features our touch tank, home to a young lake sturgeon, pan fish and perch. Be sure to stop and see what these fish feel like!

Other residents of this exhibit space include a black-billed magpie, eastern fox snake, corn snake and an albino painted turtle.  Magpies are most commonly found west of the Rockies. Groups or “tidings” of magpies have also been sighted here in the Midwest. This intelligent bird is related to crows and ravens and is kept busy with a variety of enrichment games and toys. He is a natural mimic and just may say “Good Morning” to you while you visit.

The reptiles found in Critter Corner make appearances during GLA classes and the daily Creature Feature interpretive floor program. Fox  and corn snakes are native to the Midwest.

Animals you will find in this exhibit:

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