Freeway the American Crow

Freeway is a rehabilitated wild American Crow. He was rescued as a juvenile, illegally raised by well meaning folks for most of his first year. He was surrendered to a rehabber with a leg fracture which has since healed. He was born with a congenitally small eye, limiting his vision. His habituation to humans and limited eye sight prevent his release back into the wild.  While awaiting an exhibit, Freeway is housed in a large room in our quarantine area. We work with him daily, teaching him skills to ease animal care and  provide enrichment. Freeway is featured on behind the scenes tours and education programs while he awaits the completion of his exhibit.

The videos below illustrate Freeway performing tasks that are extensions of natural caching behavior.

The steps that make up each complete action have been reinforced with traditional training techniques over time. Crows are not a commonly exhibited species but our work with Freeway shows great potential for highlighting the natural abilities of this incredible group of birds. Freeway is reinforced daily with crate, scale and targeting. Repetition breeds confidence. This foundation allows for training new behaviors, enriching this highly intelligent bird.