Aquarium Outreach

Some of our classes and animals can come to you! We provide outreach classes in schools, youth centers and outdoor festival settings.

Cost: 1 hour = $60; Each additional hour = $40

Fees noted above support travel, animal transport and instruction within 20 miles of Great Lakes Aquarium. Outreach beyond 20 miles will incur an additional mileage fee of $0.55/mile.

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Partners in Education (PIE)

This partnership between Great Lakes Aquarium, Minnesota Sea Grant Program and the University of Minnesota Duluth trains volunteer educators to provide free outreach programs to Twin Ports schools. The topics covered such as weather, watersheds, properties of water and geology, change each semester and are all relevant to the Great Lakes.

Cost: FREE! to all schools in Duluth

Time: 45-60 minutes

Grade Level: K-6

FALL 2017: Outreach available March-May 2018.


Can you safely rely on your eyes, nose and mouth to detect polluted water? In this lesson, a demonstration illustrates the amount of earth’s freshwater available for use. Using their senses of sight, smell, and taste, small groups of students will examine six water samples (five of them “polluted”) and decide which samples they would drink based on their observations. Students will discuss the ways in which water can be polluted an how to reduce water pollution.

Adapted from the Minnesota DNR MinnAqua Leader’s Guide – Get in the Habitat!

Contact the PIE coordinator, Eva, at pie.gla@gmail.com to schedule a visit from PIE staff.