A Snake at the Aquarium? by Brooklyn Frear

January 7, 2016 Comments Off on A Snake at the Aquarium? by Brooklyn Frear

{This is a second of three posts written by Harbor City International High School students participating in an Internship Week at Great Lakes Aquarium.  Sophomores Sophie Fink and Alexis Walker and Senior Brooklyn Frear are interning in the Aquarium’s Communications Department. They are sharing stories of animal encounters, learning experiences and opportunities they’ve had seeing our animal ambassadors in action.}

Bob is a common ball python that has lived here at GLA for more than 12 years.


Our little scaly friend sometimes goes to schools as an ambassador of the aquarium and helps educate children about snakes. By doing so the children learn more about snakes and how to respect them as animals and how important they are to the animal kingdom. The children as well as some teachers learn not to fear snakes and Bob helps show that they are not creatures to be feared but to be left alone in peace when encountered in the wild.


Here you can see little Bob with some students from Harbor City International School. The students see how gentle Bob is and that he wouldn’t do any harm. They learn about Bob and how he smells with his tongue and that unlike most common ball pythons he likes to climb so they had to put in some little trees and a ledge in his exhibit to suit his unique personality.