American Crow : Great Lakes Aquarium
Picture of an American crow

American Crow

Exhibits: Otter Cove

Animal Groups: Birds

Latin Name: Corvus brachyrhynchos

Crows are opportunistic omnivores. They eat berries, seeds, insects, worms, fish, and dead animals (carrion). These birds are among the few observed to use tools to obtain food.


Crows live in fields and open woodland areas. They are also frequently found in urban areas close to people.

They are found throughout most of the lower 48 United States. Summer breeding territory extends into Canada.

Animal Size: 15-20 inches long
Conservation Status: Least Concern

Natural History

Crows are corvids. Corvids are amazing birds. This group of 113 species, includes jays, ravens, crows, magpies, nutcrackers and jackdaws. Corvids are unique in the bird world. They are eager intelligent problem solvers, develop strong social ties to their flock, and exhibit complex behaviors in the wild such as constructing and using tools.

Crows remember faces, skills, and situations. They have been known to recognize the faces of menacing people. Crows also share memories or information between individual birds and down through generations.