Red-bellied pirahna : Great Lakes Aquarium
Pirahna swimming in Amazon exhibit at Great Lakes Aquarium

Red-bellied pirahna

Exhibits: Amazing Amazon

Animal Groups: Fish

Latin Name: Pygocentrus Nattereri
Diet: Pirahnas are omnivores and feed on plants, seeds, fish, worms, and insects. They will also eat birds or mammals that fall into the water (alive or dead). Although they have a reputation for devouring large animals such as cows, this is uncommon and occurs only in times of extreme food shortage or stress.
Habitat: South American rivers including the Amazon River. They are found in shallow lagoons, creeks and rivers in groups called shoals.
Animal Size: 10-14 inches long
Conservation Status: Not threatened

Natural History

Pirahna are schooling fish that use their numbers to protect against predators such as large fish, river dolphins and birds.