Fun & Learning

There are so many ways to experience the wonder of the Aquarium at home, in your backyard, and in your neighborhood. Try a new activity, conduct a science experiment, and find a new way to connect with nature using these ideas!

Activities and Experiments

Looking for a fun way to engage with science and nature? These quick activities require few at-home materials and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Sensory Play Recipes

Age: 2 – 6
Description: Squish! Splash! Smoosh! This suite of recipes and activities provides new ways for young children to play, create and imagine while engaging all their senses.

Phenology Coloring Cards

Age: 3 – 6
Description: The seasons are always changing. Watch for signs of spring and summer in your neighborhood and color in your observations in your very own phenology journal.

Duluth Nature Bingo

Age: 5 to adult
Description: There’s a lot to see and do in Duluth! Go on an adventure to our local natural areas, and make some new discoveries in your own backyard! Can you get five in a row?

Sensory Hike

Age: 6 to adult
Description: Engage all your senses and rediscover a familiar nature hike.

Water Field Day

Age: 5 to adult
Description: Explore the unique properties of water through a series of water physics challenges!

DIY Cartesian Diver

Age: 10 to adult
Description: Learn the science that powers this magical-looking physics trick, and build a Cartesian diver of your own!

Arts & Crafts

Celebrate nature through these projects, ideas and prompts!

Nature Journaling

Age: 5 to Adult
Description: We see incredible things outside every day, but it’s hard to remember the things we don’t write down. In this activity, create your own nature journal and follow along with a month of daily prompts get your creative juices flowing!

Art in Nature

Age: 3 to Adult
Description: Nature is always changing and full of surprises. By taking a closer look at the natural world around us, we can find beauty everywhere! Get inspired to create a pattern, a picture, or a sculpture using only natural materials.

Coloring Pages

Age: All ages
Description: Use your imagination to color animals and habitats.

DIY Otter Puppets

Age: 3 to 10
Description: Make a puppet of a river otter – just like Agate and Ore at Great Lakes Aquarium!