Whirligigs Preschool Program

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Whirligigs Preschool Program is now offered September-April. Check back in August for more information on Fall Whirligigs.

Whirligigs is a developmentally appropriate one day a week drop-off program for preschool-aged children that encourage them to explore and learn. At Great Lakes Aquarium, we believe in learning through play. Child-led play is at the center of this program’s curriculum because play provides opportunities for children to develop observation and questioning skills, early math and literacy knowledge, social-emotional skills, and so much more while promoting the development of a deep connection to nature.

Whirligigs preschool program meets once a week for a 2-hour drop-off class. The fall session runs September-December and the spring session runs January-April. Generally, Whirligigs classes are offered on Tuesday or Thursday mornings.

Our experienced educators provide a safe and inviting space to explore the natural world through age-appropriate, engaging activities. Whirligigs Preschool Program is a one day a week drop-off class open to potty-trained children ages 3 – 5. Children must turn 3 before their first registered class. Pre-registration is required.


Contact Elleyna Igo for more information at 218-740-2010 or eigo@glaquarium.org.