Outreach Programs

Aquarium Outreach

Classes and animals can come to you! We provide outreach classes in schools, youth centers, and outdoor festival settings. Explore a list of available classes, or reach out to the Learning and Engagement team at education@glaquarium.org.

Cost: $75 for the first hour; $55 for each subsequent hour.

These fees support travel, animal transport, and instruction within 20 miles of Great Lakes Aquarium. Outreach beyond 20 miles will incur an additional fee of $0.59/mile.

FREE OUTREACH – Partners in Education (PIE)

This partnership between Great Lakes Aquarium, Minnesota Sea Grant, and the University of Minnesota Duluth trains volunteer educators to provide free outreach programs to Twin Ports schools. A new topic is featured each year related to Great Lakes themes – such as weather, watersheds, properties of water, and geology.

Cost: FREE

Format:  In-person opportunities are available this year.

Time: 45-60 minutes

Grade Level: 3-5

Spring 2023 Topic: Superior Connections!

Students will be able to name two organisms living in Lake Superior and how they are connected. Students will understand diel vertical migration and why diel vertical migration is important to the nutrient cycle of the lake food chain. This lesson will guide students as they act out and discover the roles of different plankton, macroinvertebrates, secondary, and tertiary creatures, as they interact throughout the course of a day. 

Link to schedule a free outreach:

Contact the PIE coordinator at pie.gla@gmail.com.