Art Gallery Exhibitions

The Merrill Lynch Fine Arts Gallery showcases local artists whose work captures the spirit of the Lake Superior region.

Upcoming Exhibit

A Western Lake Superior Awe Walking Almanac by Timothy S. Larson

Opening reception: Thursday, March 30, 2023 6:00-8:00pm

“Those of us who live by Lake Superior have the opportunity to walk continually in the presence of something awe inspiring,” says watercolorist and writer Tim Larson, who captures this sense of wonder in a new exhibit called A Superior Watercolor Almanac

The collection of paintings and descriptive prose is on display from March 15 to May 29 in the Merrill Lynch Fine Arts Gallery. Images range from breathtaking sunrises and landscapes to ephemeral blooms that are “here today and gone tomorrow.” Together, they create a visual almanac of Western Lake Superior’s phenology and how time, seasons, and climate change affect the natural world.

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