Lava to Lakes – Opening Summer 2025

Life size models of ancient marine arthropods, called eurypterids, will be suspended from the ceiling.

Minnesota’s diverse landscape connects us to the natural world and each other. When people understand the patterns of ancient landscapes, they are better equipped to interpret the events of the present, and plan for the future. Changes in the environment related to weather and water resources affect both human and animal homes and behaviors. Understanding this critical knowledge supports engagement with our local economy of natural resources, planning for climate change mitigation, and securing the future of Minnesota and the Great Lakes Watershed.

Lake Superior Center dba Great Lakes Aquarium reveals the wonder of freshwater education and conservation through learning, play, and animal encounters for all ages. We engage and inspire more
than 200,000 visitors with water and wildlife each year. We are planning our next undertaking, an immersive new exhibit experience called Lava to Lakes. We invite you to uncover life’s ancient secrets written in the landscape all around us.


This project was funded in part by the State of Minnesota Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund in FY 2024/25.

Additional funding for this project comes from City of Duluth Tourism Tax Fund.

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