Oceans Alive – Opening June 2024

Key Exhibit Features: Dark Areas Quiet Seating

Location: 1st Floor

Concept art of the giant Pacific octopus exhibit in Oceans Alive.

The oceans make your habitat a home, no matter where you live.
The ocean feels far away from us here in Minnesota, but our relationship with water extends beyond Lake Superior and our 10,000 lakes. Oceans are a vital part of sustaining life on earth. They are the heart of the planet, regulating the health of the earth through global systems such as climate. The changing climate locally demonstrates both big and subtle changes that are happening within the ocean. Meanwhile, actions locally continue to make changes for global ocean systems. Immerse yourself in the Oceans Alive exhibit opening June 2024 to learn more about unique ocean habitats.

Great lakes, global connections.
Oceans Alive gives visitors a chance to explore new habitats. Seagrass meadows are home to seahorses and weedy seadragons. Vibrant coral reefs and sandy shore habitats offer a diverse and delightful view of ocean life. A standout addition to this exhibit is an underwater cave, home to a giant Pacific octopus. Hands on interactives engage visitors with ways the ocean, climate and our local habitats are connected. Each of these animals, and others featured, in Oceans Alive have a story to tell about how our actions of mitigating climate change are important not only for their survival but our own.

Your gift brings the ocean closer to home.
With your help Great Lakes Aquarium can bring exciting new animals to Duluth for our community to enjoy. Oceans Alive brings our vision of leading freshwater conservation by connecting all people to Lake Superior and the world’s waters front and center.