Key Exhibit Features: Animal Contact Staffed Tactile Experience Wet

Location: 2nd Floor

Explore the geologic, natural, and cultural history of the Lake Superior region. Get nose to nose with an American alligator, admire the diversity of corals and anemones, and ponder the fossil record.

Fossil casts of prehistoric predators, ancient mollusks, and fish with lungs will take you on an adventure through time. Watch molten rock pour over the earth, seas rise and fall, and glaciers scour the land while life diversifies in unexpected ways over billions of years!

Visit the Ancient Seas Touchpool for a hands-on snapshot of life in Minnesota’s own ancient shallow seas.

Want to familiarize yourself with the touchpool experience before your visit? Check out our Know Before you Go videos.

Nearing the end of the exhibit mammals make their appearance. The earliest mammals were also very small, and they spent most of their time climbing trees to avoid large predators. They probably looked a bit like the modern day opossum, except tiny – less than 6 inches long!