Touchpool Experiences

Reach out and touch. Engage your senses. Ask questions. Share ideas. FEEL CONNECTED with each other and the world.

Ancient Seas Touchpool (Origins Gallery)

This habitat is home to Atlantic horseshoe crabs and several species of bamboo shark.  These crabs are more closely related to mites and spiders. In fact, they are closest living relative to the ancient trilobite (now extinct). Bamboo sharks are small benthic & reef dwelling sharks with long bodies and round faces. Look for them in the nooks and crannies.

Moon Jellyfish (Critter Corner)

Touch a jellyfish? That doesn’t seem safe. These moon jellyfish are just one of the 4,000+ species of jellyfish on the planet. While all jellyfish have stinging cells to catch their food, this stinging cells of these jellyfish are too small to puncture human skin. We will ask you touch them gently on the top (the bell) to keep them safe. What do you think they will feel like? 

Pacific Northwest Tidepool (Critter Corner)

Tidepools are unique marine (ocean) habitats where animals must adapt to both wet and dry conditions. As the tide rises and falls over the course of the day, animals such as anemones, sea stars, chitons and sculpin, use different strategies to survive the dry times. Stop by to watch the anemones wave their tentacles, observe the chitons in action and feel the amazing skin of a sea star.

Sturgeon (Unsalted Seas)

The sturgeon touch pool opened in 2016 and is still a popular stop for visitors. This habitat is home to six different types of sturgeon from around the world. This large curious fish are amazing to watch and engage with. Watch for the sturgeon feeding times throughout the week.