Hog Nose Snakes

June 3, 2013

Hog nose snakes are pretty neat! We have two Eastern Hog Nose snakes here at the Great Lakes Aquarium.

We got the sisters when they were only 17 grams and 24 grams! That is like holding about 17 paper clips in your hand. That is how small they were! Can you believe it?

Their names are Tala and Nita. Tala means wolf and Nika means bear.

Did you know that toads are their primary food source. They can also feeds on frogs, salamanders and small mammals. It has large teeth in the back of its mouths to puncture inflated toads to make them easier to swallow. But, here at the Great Lakes Aquarium they eat small frozen, thawed mice.

This photo shows Nala right before the lights go out for the night. Hog nose snakes are nocturnal, so she was getting more active as the night drew closer.