Juvenile Alligators arrive at Great Lakes Aquarium

December 20, 2017 Comments Off on Juvenile Alligators arrive at Great Lakes Aquarium

Christmas came early at Great Lakes Aquarium with the gift of three juvenile alligators.  The American Alligators arrived on loan this week from a facility called Crocodile Encounters in Angleton, Texas.  The 1.5 year old gators were born in the spring of 2016.

American alligators are freshwater animals inhabiting wetlands such as marshes and swamps in the southern United States.  The Aquarium’s juvenile alligators are an exciting addition to the Origins exhibit on the facility’s 2nd floor. During prehistoric times reptiles similar to alligators were found in what is now the Great Lakes region. Their fossils are often discovered in Midwestern states. They are on loan for one year at which time Great Lakes Aquarium can request to renew the loan.