Key Exhibit Feature: Loud

This exhibit has features which may feel loud (e.g. a waterfall or an audio track).

A direct view of the H2O exhibit gallery featuring a great lakes water table filled with plastic boat toys and the large blue wall with the H2O exhibit heading.

H2O: Watersheds at Work

Now open! Come explore the physical properties of water, methods to keep it clean, the ways water moves through a community, and how it connects us to the world. The new water table, unveiled in 2021, celebrates everyone’s favorite features of the original water table and adds a variety of new and engaging hands-on opportunities… View More
image of full waterwall that has symbols etched into it

Water Wall (Lobby)

Welcome to Great Lakes Aquarium! As you enter, you’ll be greeted by a wall of cascading water and the face of a giant eelpout staring down from above. Book an event at the Aquarium and this space could be your dance floor!
An adult and child crouched together to observe fish in the Baptism River exhibit

Baptism River

Steep volcanic rocks make a cold, fast-moving aquatic habitat in this unique North Shore river. Based on the real life Baptism River an hour north of Duluth and flowing through Tettegouche State Park, this exhibit is home to a variety of trout species. Exhibit Gallery
entrance to play area with boat and tree house

Freshwater Forest

Freshwater Forest invites explorers of all ages to discover and enjoy YOUR National Forests. Discover connections between human history, aquatic habitat, and forest management within the Superior and Chippewa National Forests. This exhibit features the Aquarium’s iconic treehouse, slide, and fishing boat playspace. Looking for ways to get out and explore? Visit Discover the Forest… View More
river otter laying down peers over rock ledge

Otter Cove

Otter Cove is modeled after the real life Otter Cove on the eastern shore of Lake Superior in Canada’s Pukaskwa Provincial Park. Here at the Aquarium, Otter Cove is home to two North American river otters named Agate and Ore. During your visit, you may see these playful otters belly flopping off the rocks, swimming,… View More