Toddler Tuesday

Toddler Tuesday is a program for young children (0-2 years old) and their families that runs from November 6 through March 26, from 10 am to 12 pm, with a themed storytime at 11:45.

This experience features discounted admission rates for groups with young children, themed activity stations, parent resources for exploring the Aquarium, and SCUBA divers feeding fish in the largest habitats.

Each week Aquarium educators create a new activity station and exhibit guide to match the monthly theme. Toddler Tuesday is self-guided; there is no class to attend. Families are welcome to take their own pace as they explore the Aquarium with week-specific themed exhibit guide, stop by the activity station, and join us at 11:00 a.m. to see our daily Great Fish, Great Lakes program (often with SCUBA divers hand-feeding the fish).

Check out a sample exhibit activity guide here!

November: Birds – Each week in November learn more about feathers, flight and beaks.
December: Fish – Great Lakes Aquarium is home to fish from all over the Great Lakes and the world! Every week in December is a chance to dive in deeper to learn about life under water.
January: Mammals – From warm fur to hibernation, this month experience a different part of mammal life each week.
February: Reptiles/Amphibians – February will feature some of our cold-blooded favorites, reptiles and amphibians!
March: Signs of Spring: – Winter is coming to an end. This month explore what signs of spring are ahead.

Toddler Tuesday Rates:

Toddlers age 0-2 – Always FREE

Adults (w/toddlers ages 0-2) – $6

Children/siblings (w/toddlers) – $4

Members are always FREE

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