Field Trip Planning Resources

Thousands of learners visit the Aquarium each year.

Here are a few tools that teachers and parents can use to plan a smooth and educational experience for all ages.

Field Trip Planning Tools

Great Lakes Aquarium School Catalog

This 4-page PDF document describes what is available for school groups at Great Lakes Aquarium.

Includes pricing, sample schedules, class offerings and registration information.

Great Lakes Aquarium Complete Field Trip Planning Guide

This 10-page PDF document that includes all the information that we think you will need to plan your trip.

Includes an overview of what to expect when you arrive, directions to the Aquarium, name tag templates, chaperone expectations, and a planning checklist for teachers.

Exhibit Exploration Tools

We have lots of ideas for how to make your small group exhibit exploration time focused and fun!

The Mannie Goldfine Teacher Resource Center has downloadable curriculum, teaching kits, equipment, props, and media for you to borrow for free. Explore ideas for using these kits during your Aquarium field trip.

Prepare chaperones ahead of time with information and expectations. All school chaperones will receive this Chaperone Guide and Map when they arrive at the Aquarium. It contains prompts and questions to help them feel confident as a small group leader. Chaperone engagement can make or break an Aquarium visit. We look forward to welcoming your group!

Contact us for more ideas and to help you meet your goals for this visit!

You may also choose to print and provide one of these tools for your students:

K-2 Exhibit Scavenger Hunt

K-2 Exhibit Guide Worksheet

3-5 Exhibit Scavenger Hunt

3-5 Exhibit Guide Worksheet

GLA Exhibit Bingo (Elementary)

GLA Selfie Challenge (Middle/High School)

Stations Guide with Teacher Resource Center Kits

Great Lakes Aquarium Social Narrative: Created in collaboration with the Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM), this guide helps visitors reduce their anxiety about new experiences by explaining what to expect step-by-step as they explore the Aquarium.

Field Trip Funding Resources

We believe that every student should have the opportunity to explore outside the classroom. These tools can help make that dream a reality:

Great Lakes Aquarium Bus Fund – Learn more about grants to defray transportation costs for visits to the Aquarium.

Donors Choose – Online fundraising for classroom projects in public schools nationwide.

Indiegogo – A popular online fundraising site geared toward small-scale projects.