Meeting Bob by Alexis Walker

January 8, 2016 Comments Off on Meeting Bob by Alexis Walker

{This is the last of three posts written by Harbor City International High School students participating in an Internship Week at Great Lakes Aquarium.  Sophomores Sophie Fink and Alexis Walker and Senior Brooklyn Frear are interning in the Aquarium’s Communications Department. They are sharing stories of animal encounters, learning experiences and opportunities they’ve had seeing our animal ambassadors in action.}

This is Bob the common ball python at Great Lakes Aquarium.


Today was the first time I have ever held a snake, let alone even touch one, at first I was pretty nervous. I have never liked the thought of snakes or any reptiles and I have always been afraid of snakes but after this experience I’m glad that I held him and tried something new.


Afew things that you may not know about ball pythons is that they are the smallest of all pythons, and they only grow to about three or four feet.  Another thing you may not know is that they can live up to fifty years but the average lifespan is approximately 30 years in the wild.  Ball pythons originated and live in the dry grasses of the Savanna desert or along the forest edges. Their diet consists of rodents such as rats, gerbils, and jerboas. But Bob mostly eats mice.