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A Meandering Story: An Introduction to Stream Geomorphology

As water flows through a stream channel, a dynamic balance of sediment erosion and deposition happens constantly. Water velocity is one of the main influences on sediment behavior in a stream system. Within a stream channel, sediment is typically eroded in faster-moving water and deposited in slower-moving water. In this lesson, students will actively explore how a stream’s water velocity influences sediment erosion, deposition and transport through activities and simulations. Students will flow through a stream channel as water to understand how water velocity influences sediment erosion, transport, and deposition. In the final activity, students will examine a topographic map of local streams to identify the physical characteristics that were covered in the lesson.

A Meandering Story Lesson Plan

Stream Phase Posters

Duluth Streams Map

Stream Flow and Habitat Graphic

Minnesota Science Standards:,,,,,,,,,,,

Credit: Science Institute for Educators 2012-2013

Item ID: SIE1213
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