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Freshwater Estuary/Wetlands Model: Exploring Estuary and Wetland Functions

As the St. Louis River flows into Lake Superior, it creates a freshwater estuary.  This dynamic area can provide several important aquatic habitats; open water, sediment on the bottom and wetlands along the shoreline. Students will observe the characteristics of wetlands and estuaries through the use of a model and identify their importance to the health of aquatic systems.

Minnesota Science Standards:,,,,,,,,,,,

Next Generation Science Standards: Crosscutting concept: Cause and Effect, Stability and Change

Freshwater Esturary Model Lesson Plan

Estuary Manager Cards (Front Sides)

Estuary manager cards SIDE 2http://Estuary Manager Cards (Back Sides)

Estuary Keeper Cards (Both Sides)

Estuary Map

Estuary Map with Influences

Credit: Partners in Education Program

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