collection of papers and small cards with different fish species arranged on table

Lake Superior Food Web

Topics: Ecosystems Fish Food webs Predator and Prey

Skills: Modeling

Grade Levels: Grades 3-5

Resource Types: Kits

Settings: Indoors

Students begin the lesson by learning how fish are classified and trying their hand at organizing Lake Superior fish into families. Once students have a grasp on “who” lives in Lake Superior Basin, they turn their attention towards what those fish eat and how energy is transferred between the interdependent organisms of an ecosystem. Students will assume various roles in a Lake Superior Food Web Tag. In successive rounds of Food Web Tag, new species are introduced and population ratios altered in an effort to balance the simulated ecosystem.

Lake Superior Food Web Lesson Plan

Minnesota Science Standards:,,,,,,,,,

Credit: Science Institute for Educators 2012-2013

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