An assortment of teaching kit items: several trowels, seed packets, a stopwatch and wicker baskets

Garden Economics and Efficiency

Learn the technical details of planting seeds or seedlings, and apply the principle of marginal productivity to planting in the garden! Minnesota Social Studies Standards:
An assortment of teaching kit items: paper towels, plastic bags, digital scales and graduated cylinders

Sorting Out Potting Soil

After learning about the uses and components of potting media, observe and calculate percentages of potting soil components. Minnesota Math Standards:9.2.4
An assortment of teaching kit items: cotton bals, lights, thermometers and pipettes

Germination Research

Discuss factors that affect a seed’s germination time, then perform a mini-experiment involving the steps of the scientific method. Minnesota Science Standards:, Minnesota Language Arts Standards:
An assortment of teaching kit items: books, rulers and measuring tape

Plan it, Map it

Using provided information, students use math skills to plan a garden. Minnesota Math Standards:3.3.2, 4.3.2, 5.2.3 Minnesota Science Standards:,,
collection of papers and materials about animal behaviors

Animal Behavior Studies

Engage students in authentic animal behavior research using the live fish collection at Great Lakes Aquarium.