An assortment of teaching kit items: pH testing strips, test tubes and more

EarthEcho Water Quality Testing

Test the dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity and temperature of a local waterway around your learning space! Then, upload your test results to an international database to compare your results to others’ and contribute to the citizen scientists interested in keeping our waterways healthy.
An assortment of teaching kit items: forks, knives and plates

Salad Investigation

Learn about edible plant parts and the differences between fruits and vegetables while eating a salad. Minnesota Science Standards: Minnesota Health Standards:6.6.1
An assortment of teaching kit items: books, plastic bags, a jar and a spray bottle

Composting for Better Soil

Learn about composting: its definition, its effects on soil, how to make it and what lives in it! Minnesota Science Standards:,, Minnesota Language Arts Standards:,,
An assortment of teaching kit items: small boxes with vials of soil samples

Learning About Integrated Pest Management

Students learn about integrated pest management (IPM), the decisionmaking process involved in reducing pests. They will recognize that pests can be insects and other animals in homes and other structures as well as weeds and diseases in yards, gardens and croplands. Minnesota Science Standards:,,,,,,, Minnesota Language Arts… View More
folded up nets for collecting plankton

Plankton Nets

Plankton nets allow students to collect samples of organisms from local waterways that can otherwise be difficult to access. The kit also includes identification keys for commonly found algae, phytoplankton, diatoms and zooplankton. This kit includes two plankton nets. Reserve the Light Microscopes kit from the Teacher Resource Center to allow your students to see… View More