In the Community

There are many organizations and individuals working toward a sustainable future for Duluth, Superior, and the Great Lakes.

You can make changes in your business, home and lifestyle that contribute toward a sustainable community.


Here are a few places to get more information:

Sustainable Twin Ports – aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices by businesses, civic organizations and our community by providing sustainability training and consulting services.

City of Duluth – Sustainability Department –  “A sustainable community is economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient. It meets challenges through integrated solutions, and it takes a long-view perspective — one that is in the present yet is preparing for the future. The Sustainability Team here at the City of Duluth is excited to share with you where we’ve been, what we’re up to now, and the direction we’re headed for the future. We’re all in this together — local government has a unique and vital role to play in guiding the community’s efforts to move towards achieving true sustainability.”

City of Superior – Environmental Services