At Home


The Great Lakes region is known for its bountiful water resources. Conserving water and keeping it clean through everyday actions can contribute to protecting these resources for years to come. Do you need to water your lawn today? Can you replace your shower head and toilet with water saving options?


Solid waste can be reduced through recycling materials, re-using or re-purposing items, and making consumer choices. If you have unwanted or hazardous items share or dispose of them properly through your waste hauler or county sanitary district. Many communities have composting programs as well for grass clippings, brush or food scraps.


The air we breathe is vital to our good health. Materials released into the air can travel great distances from their source. Particles from idling cars, wood stoves and household chemicals contribute to poor air quality, particularly in cities.


Selecting sustainable energy sources and practicing energy efficiency can lead to better environmental and financial health. Many utility companies offer rebates for installing energy efficient appliances and light fixtures.