The Rise of the Dunkleosteus

May 24, 2013 Comments Off on The Rise of the Dunkleosteus
I’m guessing most people wouldn’t relish a face-to-face encounter with a massive predator fish.  But, the staff at Great Lakes Aquarium couldn’t wait.
Today was the big day of the Dunkleosteus.
Our fossil skull cast arrived this morning on a semi-trailer in this 7 foot tall box.

Getting a box this size is a bit of a logistical puzzle. But we did it.
And Jay, our operations manager, got to work prying it open.


The Dunkleosteus skull will serve as the centerpiece of our new Fire, Ice and the Rise of Life exhibit.  They grew to a size of 30 to 50 feet long.

To put that into perspective, imagine a fish the size of a school bus…with this face.


The prehistoric predator roamed the waters that are now the Great Lakes around 350 million years ago.  He’ll be ready for his first visitors tomorrow.
I put together a short video of our big fella’s journey to get to his space in the Origins gallery.  It was a team effort.