river otter with snow on snout looking at you

The Road to Otter Health, part II

February 25, 2014

Who isn’t getting sick of the snow? I certainly am. But, I know someone who loves every little snowflake that she can get her paws on!

At least someone appreciates all the snow we’ve gotten around here this winter!
Anang (also known as Haley) has always loved the snow. We’ve noticed that when she gets buckets (and buckets and buckets!) of snow, she plays for a lot longer then she might normally with other “toys” at one time.
Today I gave her five buckets of snow in her holding area, where she is spending all of her time to heal. This is the reaction I got! 

We’ve also found that the cold snow really helps with any inflammation (as it is hard to give her ice packs to hold on her arthritic joints or leg). After playing in snow, she seems more mobile and active, which is great!