An assortment of teaching kit items: pH testing strips, test tubes and more

EarthEcho Water Quality Testing

Test the dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity and temperature of a local waterway around your learning space! Then, upload your test results to an international database to compare your results to others’ and contribute to the citizen scientists interested in keeping our waterways healthy.
An assortment of teaching kit items: pvc pipes, foam insulation, cotton balls, calcium nitrate, exacto knives, pens, and more

What? No Soil

After learning the five basic requirements of plant growth, discuss terms related to hydroponics. Then, build and maintain hydroponic units out of soda bottles! Minnesota Science Standards:
An assortment of teaching kit items: forks, knives and plates

Salad Investigation

Learn about edible plant parts and the differences between fruits and vegetables while eating a salad. Minnesota Science Standards: Minnesota Health Standards:6.6.1
An assortment of teaching kit items: a cuttting board, tasting spoons and plates

Plant Parts Become Me

Following a role-playing review of the main parts of a plant, students will design their own plants and compare the variety of their creations. Then, students identify and taste fruits and vegetables that come from different plant parts. Minnesota Science Standards:,,,,
An assortment of teaching kit items: books, plastic bags, a jar and a spray bottle

Composting for Better Soil

Learn about composting: its definition, its effects on soil, how to make it and what lives in it! Minnesota Science Standards:,, Minnesota Language Arts Standards:,,
An assortment of teaching kit items: paper towels, seeds and a book

Yo Seeds, Wake Up!

Students examine ideas about what seeds need to sprout. Minnesota Science Standards:,,, Minnesota Language Arts Standards:,,
folded up nets for collecting plankton

Plankton Nets

Plankton nets allow students to collect samples of organisms from local waterways that can otherwise be difficult to access. The kit also includes identification keys for commonly found algae, phytoplankton, diatoms and zooplankton. This kit includes two plankton nets. Reserve the Light Microscopes kit from the Teacher Resource Center to allow your students to see… View More
collection of papers and materials about animal behaviors

Animal Behavior Studies

Engage students in authentic animal behavior research using the live fish collection at Great Lakes Aquarium.
collection of info cards and information materials

Attack Pack

This kit features twelve lessons for a variety of ages that relate to invasive species in the Great Lakes.