An assortment of teaching kit items: pH testing strips, test tubes and more

EarthEcho Water Quality Testing

Test the dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity and temperature of a local waterway around your learning space! Then, upload your test results to an international database to compare your results to others’ and contribute to the citizen scientists interested in keeping our waterways healthy.
An assortment of teaching kit items: paper towels, plastic bags, digital scales and graduated cylinders

Sorting Out Potting Soil

After learning about the uses and components of potting media, observe and calculate percentages of potting soil components. Minnesota Math Standards:9.2.4
An assortment of teaching kit items: cotton bals, lights, thermometers and pipettes

Germination Research

Discuss factors that affect a seed’s germination time, then perform a mini-experiment involving the steps of the scientific method. Minnesota Science Standards:, Minnesota Language Arts Standards:
An assortment of teaching kit items: potting soil, tape and compostable cups

Make Room for Raddy

Observe how plants and people respond when crowded and forced to share limited resources. This activity helps students understand that even their precious garden plants must be thinned. Minnesota Science Standards:,,,,, Minnesota Language Arts Standards:,,