Know Before You Go

Welcome to Great Lakes Aquarium! The following videos provide a walkthrough of the Aquarium experience so you can familiarize yourself before you arrive!

Welcome to the Aquarium

The Main Entrance

Learn more about accessibility at the main entrance.

At the Ticketing Desk

Check current hours & ticket prices

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Learn more about accessibility and bathrooms.


Learn more about mobility and accessibility around the Aquarium.

Sitting Areas

Security, Docents and Information

Have a question?

  • Text an educator at (320) 370-0987
  • Call the front desk at (218) 740 – 2031
  • Contact us by email

Outdoor Grounds & Exhibit Spaces


When to Visit: Is it Busy?

Leaving the Aquarium

Planning another trip to the Aquarium soon? A membership can pay for itself in as little as two visits!

Now You’re Ready!

Looking for a more in-depth walkthrough of the Aquarium experience to mitigate anxiety or sensory overload? Check out our social narrative and other sensory friendly offerings.