What’s Good for the Goose

October 2, 2013 2 Comments

Funny things happen when you’re plugging along, tending to daily business at Great Lakes Aquarium.
Sometimes that daily business can change…in an instant.
That happened today when a man strolling the lakewalk took an emergency detour into our facility.
There’s a goose in distress.
He’s in the lake and needs help, he said.

The first to respond was Jadell Cavallin.  At the Aquarium she works in our husbandry department, in animal care.  But she’s also a certified wildlife rehabilitator who knows a thing or two about helping animals in distress.
It turns out the Canada Goose was in trouble.  A length of musky line that was hung up in the pilings near the shoreline became tangled around his neck.  His frantic attempts to swim away added immediacy to the situation.
After first putting on waders and attempting to reach the goose it became clear that more help was needed.
So, Jadell and Rob, our animal care volunteer, quickly changed into diving gear and headed out.

While the water was not deep, the rocks were slippery and the dive suits kept them safe and protected in chilly Lake Superior.

 Jadell was able to reach the goose quickly and wrap her arms around his wings while Rob helped her cut the line.

Success.  The goose was free, but clearly exhausted.  He swam to shore, but couldn’t climb up on the rocks to rest.

So, Jadell helped him out.

Once on stable ground, the goose waddled away toward Bayfront Park.
Maybe to tell his friends what happened.
Maybe just to honk like a goose.

 Everybody loves a happy ending.