Wild Goose Chase

November 13, 2015 Comments Off on Wild Goose Chase

UPDATE 11/16/15:  X-rays revealed that the goose had been shot leaving the bird with extensive wing damage. The goose was suffering and the decision was made to euthanize him. Not the news we were hoping to hear.

A relaxing afternoon stroll through Bayfront Park quickly turned tense today when our Senior Animal Care Specialist noticed a Canada goose in distress.

Heidi said the goose could not fly and was having trouble with one of its wings. She quickly radio-called the Aquarium for assistance.


Eight Aquarium staff members were soon out in Bayfront with blankets ready to safely catch the injured bird.


The goose did its best to evade capture.


After a five to ten minute chase, animal care intern Nathan was able to catch up and gently wrap his blanket around it.


Heidi, who has extensive experience with rescue birds and waterfowl, showed Nathan the proper hold to keep the goose secure and calm.



Nathan said the goose was quite heavy. He wasn’t expecting animal rescue on his list of daily intern duties.

Wildwoods arrived to pick up our goose friend for an examination. We are hopeful that the bird can be rehabbed quickly and released.  We will update that information as it is available.

Thanks, Nathan the Super Intern!